“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive” 

-Dalai Lama

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The Untold Bengal Story

Staying in a metro politan city Kolkata, we are unable to realise the plight of millions struggling in the very outskirts of our city.These are the stories of villages like Khaaskumro Khali, Bandipore, Jibaantalla and so on..

Where ninty percent of the population travel every day to city to fend themselves.Many men in the search of lucrative jobs leave their villages and never return, leaving behind their children and wife to fend for themselves.Often the wife ends up on the railway stations begging.

Children who are the future of a bright tomorrow are found malnutritioned and out of schools.Some end up doing odd jobs in the city, giving birth to the phenomena of Child Labour. These children love playing football,and other outdoor games, but it is not surprising that none of the athletes turn up from here.

Most of the inhabitants here live in mud houses with thatched roof  making them extremely prone to the various storms and cyclones of  West Bengal.This is Aamna a maid servant in the city, her husband left her long time back and she raised her family single handedly. She found herself amid chaos when her hut collapsed due to Titli Cyclone.


“Always in awe of the unique initiatives that Humans For Humanity takes up! The hard work of the team members are reflected in the smiles of the people they help and lives that they have been able to change”


“I’m a newcomer to H4H and have attended just a single event. But it feels like I’ve been a part of it since ages. Such friendly & endearing co-mates. And everyone seems so determined to bring a change & do every possible bit.
The last event, to which I was a part of, was very well-organised and it was so much fun. And the best thing about the event was, cooperation & team spirit. I’ve been a part of many events, where I’ve seen work people leaving as soon as the event gets over. But, there, everyone stayed back for the post event duties & left together. So, I was really enamoured of it.”


“With the thought of changing the society, the team H4H has always been on toes to make each of them smile. I have been in various projects and each of them have been spectacular in itself.
The team has a vision and has always worked day and night to fulfill them. With proper executions, it has been a roller coaster journey. The happiness you see in the eyes of the needy, gives you the actual satisfaction.
With the team, it feels like a family.”


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