West Bengal Village Projects.


You build skyscrapers in the city but if the people in your villages still sleep hungry then have you really succeeded? 

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Bandipore Village Project

In 2019, our team took up Village Bandipore.

Bandipore is a village located near to Khardah, in the South East of West Bengal. We chose this village because the locals cooperated with us, and as our norms go by, we had a conclusive data list prepared for the poorest families in the village.

Two Drives were carried out again.

Bandipore Distribution Drive

On the 25th of May,2019 we covered Bandipur and two more villages near it as our target was to reach out to 300 families and a single village did not suffice the need.

We distributed various types of ration packets like Rice, Wheat, Sugar. We also had Sarees, Lungis, Slippers, for adults. Stationary sets and biscuits for children.

We had locals cooperating with us who distributed coupons to needy families and contributions were given to representatives of each family, after the show of coupons. We had so much to offer them that at times they were unable to carry it all back. You can see our Leader Amaan helping a lady carry back her goodies.

Most of the pics were clicked by Abhiraj.

Blanket Distribution Drive

What best way is to celebrate New Year than spend the day aiding the poor! We distributed new blankets in Bandipore. We asked the locals to help and they got us a ground in an old factory.

Coupons were distributed as always and chairs were arranged to make the elderly villagers sit. We did not realize that there were people who came walking a huge distance to come for the drive, this itself tells us how in dire need these people were. 

We distributed new blankets and biscuit packets too. This was the first time we had a blanket drive and it was worth it! There was this instance that an old lady came to us hugged us and folded her hands as thank you gesture with tears in her eyes, soon all the members had numb eyes and her smiling, kind face plasters on our brains eternally.

Khaas Kumro Khaali Village Project

In 2018 we had major success over the Khaaskumro Khali Project.

Khaas Kumro Khaali is a village near Canning,West Bengal.It is a two and a half hour drive from central Kolkata.The village is an exceptionally poor village, with all its houses made of mud and children running in bare bodies and women covering their faces with pallu.

The following two drives were carried forward by the team which stretched from July to November. Here is a little brief of it;

Roof Sheds Build Up

You may not remember Storm Titly  which shook our windows and uprooted our city’s trees in October 2018, but most of the village in Bengal will never forget the storm synonyms to a NIGHTMARE.

The storm was at its peak at night, all the children of the village were sent to sleep in the school, as the school was the only concrete building in the entire village.The others faced an extremely troubled night.Many roof tops came down and one person died,and one seriously injured who also happened to be pregnant.

 After the storm had subsided we went to the village and appointed a local  and involved the nearby talli shop.We bought bamboos and albistor sheets from the local shop and appointed people to build the roofs back up, sturdy permanent roof sheds.

Contribution Drive

A comprehensive distribution drive was carried out on 29th July 2018, a package was made for 200 families on in the village.Each package was tailored according to the family’s need.

.Endless surveys were made prior to the event and with the help of the locals we were able to conceive a data sheet which determined each package’s structure.It included various rations like Dal, Rice, Pulses, clothes,toys, slippers,stationary,etc.

In 2017 we covered a few more village contribution projects.

Mainly in village Jibantalla and few more near Canning.Our very first village event was on the 1st of January in 2017.Our team members were in schools or in college early years.Most of the pictures have been lost or are so absurd that we could hardly put it on display.

Glad about how far we have come and right now Humans for Humanity stands with a 60 people strong team and the best we have had this far.







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