Schools in Rural Bengal

History has it, Bengal has been the cultural hub as well the noble laurets producer throughout centuries but is the scenario same in the rural parts of Bengal too?Perhaps yes!

Villages in Bengal still produce an array of handicrafts from different type of sarees, to various artifats like Dokra,cane products, Poramaati showpieces, shellac products, muslin and so on.Hence giving the people a stable livelihood.But the same fortune is not shared by the children.

Children are the bright future of every community and such lanterns are often found out of school.We visited various villages, Khaaskumro Khali and Bandipore to name a few, and we found children of various sizes playing in the fields.

Khaas Kumro Khali- a tale to tell

Visiting the village during school hours and finding children scattered in the fields we were forced to ask about their school routines.Do note almost most of the school in rural bengal has schools in it, thanks to the Government.So we asked a little boy named Saidul that how does his school life go. Saidul was a skinny boy of 13 who ran behind us in excitement where ever we went. On been given individual attention he smiled gleefully but his replied took away the smiles from our faces.

He said that he goes to school, but not very often as its quite boring.On asking what his favorite subject is he paused thinking hard and unable to decide an answer just shrugged his shoulders.

Does having a school suffice?

Hence we fall prey to the thought that how do we change the scenario of the rural parts of our country.Simply having a school is not able to lure the kids to it’s gate.The school structure is up and school hardly charges a fee from the villagers, which brings up the point that the children if don’t attend school then there is nothing to loose.The children in the same time could go to work and earn some money, or help their father/mother at home, or simply play cricket with their friends.Making us come back to the question that what should we do to bring these lanterns of the future in school and keep them there.

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