Children’s Day Celebration 

On 16th of November, we celebrated the post birthday of our great leader  Shri Jawahrlal Nehru with these beautiful children of  ‘Free Day and Night School’ of Kalinga.The school offeres education to 90 students ranging from class Nursery to class 6.The school is designed to offer free education to all the students as they come from extremely poor families.

Children’s Day is usually celebrated by them by giving the children a day off on the particular day, when we came to know about it we thought why not throw a party to them.

The day was filled with fun games designed for different age grouped students.The games were followed by a super charged performance of Singer and our fellow member Mazhar Mannan.The kids were found shrieking in joy and dancing to his songs. 

Shabana Khatoon DSP of Barrackpore,Kolkata and our honerable Chief Guest had a very interactive session with the children where she asked them about their dreams and ambitions.We wrapped up the programme by distribtuing food packets send my Starters Kolkata.

Richshaw-Pullers Day

14th July,2019 as the monsoons crept nearer to the Kolkata skies ,team H4H took to aiding our richaw-pullers.We organised a distribution programme in Poddopuker Maidan headed by Leader Amreen Naaz.

Raincoats and new shirts and pants were distributed to 110 Rickshaw-pullers.The smile on their faces spoke a thousand words about how much this meant to them.

The Team later on had a conversation with them and got to know heart saddening facts about these men. These people earn 200-300 per day when are fully healthy.The revenue decreases at times when they have to pay to the police when caught on the main road.Along with this they have no prper place to sleep and also have to send their money back home.To know more about their plight,

Rations and Clothes Distribtion Drive

On 25th of May,2019 we went to village Bandipore to submerge our selves in the spirit of the Muslims Fasting Month.We went to three villages as our target was to reach out to 300 families and a single village did not suffice the need.

The village we picked were near the Village Bandipore, we distributed various types of ration packets like Rice, Wheat, Sugar.We also had Sarees, Lungis, Slippers, for adults.Stationary sets and buiscuits for children.

We had locals distribute coupons to needy familes and countributions were given after the show of coupons.We had so much to offer them that at times they were unable to carry it all back.You can see our Leader Amaan helping a lady carry back her goodies.

Most of the pics were clicked by Abhiraj.

Blanket Distribtion Drive

What best way is to celebrate New year!We distributed new blankets in two villages near town Kharda. We asked the locals to help and they got us a ground in an old factory .

Coupons were distributed as always and chairs were arranged to make the elderly villagers sit.We did not realise that there were people walking a huge distance to come for the drive, this itself tells us how in dire need these people were. 

We distributed new blankets and buscuit packets too all.This was the first time we had a blanket drive and it was totally worth it!There was this instance that an old lady came to us hugged us and folded her hands as thankyou gesture with tears in her eyes, soon all the members had numb eyes and her smiling,kind face plasters on our bains eternally.

Year 2018 thus started with the most contended heart.

Roof-top Build up Drive

As storm Titly shook our windows and uprooted our city’s trees, it gave a whole different nightmare to the villages in Bengal.In July 2018  we came to know about the actual situation there.

Aamna a house maid in one of our Leader’s house came crying.She explained the night when the storm was at its peak, all the children of the village were sent to sleep in the school, as the school was the only concrete building in the entire village.The others faced an extremely troubled night.Many roof tops came down and one person died.

After the storm had subsided we went to the village and appointed a locals and involved the nearby talli shop, bamboos and albistor sheets were given out and 5 houses which were in a complete mess has their roof tops made.


Khaaskumro Khali Project

The team in this project landed in village Khaas Kumro Khaali, near canning.It is a two and a half hour drive from celtral kolkata.We were a team of 20 people who went there.

Khaas kumro khali is an eceptionally poor village, with all its houses made of mud and children running in bare bodies and women covering their faces with pallu.We had locals to help us and connect us with poor families.

Almost 200 family representatives had come, a data bank was already created by the local which said how many members are there in the family of each representative.Some families had more women who needed sarees, some had more children who need stationary sets.Along with clothes both new and old we also gave rations like Dal, Rice, Sugar.

What you see in these pictures a result of many survey trips done before to creat a conclusive data sheet of which needy family requires what.


Other Village trips before it..

We startes doing our village trips when this organisation was a seed.Our founder members Bilal Azam and Sarah Kamal were below age 20.Our first village  trip took place place on 1st January,2017.

We went to a village in East Bengal, we had a truck filled with rations , new clothes such as sarees and lungis as well as old clothes.We even bought a wheel chair for a man who had recently lost his leg.

One of the village we went to was named Basanti, it is located in 24 Parganas,West Bengal.Due to novice photographers and well novice organisers as well we were unable to capture illustrative pictures.

How it all Started.

 In July 2014 four individuals came together to discuss about an issue which took their sleeps away. It was the carpet bombings happing in Palestine, Gaza. Mirsab Sarkar, Afreen Raza, Bilal Azam and Sarah Kamal were the young organisers.The 18 year olds had organised a peaceful march, starting from Excide and finishing at Institute of Fine Arts.

Many people wanted to do something for the citizens of Gaza.The carpet bombings happening there was unstoppable, there was a war between a terrorist group Hamis and Israel.The Israel troops rellentlessly killed everyone from children to women.History was facing one of the worst wars were cevilians were left dead and no one even to burry them, humanity stood shaken.

This march was the first organised in Kolkata it was followed by many protest all across,people already were protesting in the other countries.This was how the first team Humans for Humanity was formed, where people forgot there caste, religion, status and united in the face of humanity.Personality like Imran Zaki had a huge hand in helping the young leader.Loreto Day School had particiapted in full force, and their girls had organised a street play too.

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