Humans for Humanity is an NGO which believes in a united team, here every member stands for humanity as the name says. Here every member feels that humanity stands above every religion, caste and creed. Our major events are held in the Rural Bengal , as based in Kolkata we do various events in the city as well. Our current focus in the Rural activities is to alleviate poverty from the villages around Kolkata ,and for the city we focus on enhancing education in small schools, and aid various backward societies.

Humans for Humanity was first formed by four teenagers, Bilal Azam, Sarah Kamal, Afreen Raza, and Mirsab Sarkar.They had heard a lot about the ruthless killings in Gaza,Palestine and wanted to do something about it, their thoughts and urge to make a difference lead to formation of a peaceful Protest March where a  powerful message was put across that when Humanity is at stake then people forget about religion, caste, creed and come together to voice out. The organisation of the March was guided by many people including Imran Zaki, and Bharat Bhagnani. The March became a huge hit and was covered in 7 daily newspapers, and aired in many news channels.These teenagers realised that their voices carry a huge potential and thus the concept of Humans for Human took shape. Sarah and Bilal later on proceeded in doing various events in the Rural parts of Bengal.



The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself for others. I promise you will never regret.
Every time you see someone smiling it makes you smile, but what if the smile is because of
you? I swear that is the greatest satisfaction I personally get. Life is very precious and make
it meaningful by living it in the best possible way! Educate India, educate the masses so that
every one can live in the beautiful country. By education I mean the moral boost, the difference
between right and wrong and most importantly respecting each other. We are lucky enough
to enjoy the diversity of the nation and lets make it beautiful and pure. Most Importantly never
sleep with regrets!

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